10" Dome Bird Feeder

Whether you want to attract bluebirds or wrens, you can adjust the dome on this feeder up and down so it's just the right size. The dome and rod are both included so you can hang it up right away.
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This flexible feeder can help you attract a variety of birds, and the plastic dome helps keep the food out of the elements. Stock this 10" Dome Bird Feeder with the bird food that attracts your favorite birds:

  • Mealworms fit nicely in the feeder bowl and are a favorite food of bluebirds, orioles and many other songbirds.
  • Suet balls attract woodpeckers, jays, flickers and other suet-loving birds
  • Bird seed can attract almost any backyard songbird (except orioles). From finches to cardinals, you never know what you'll see at this feeder.

The 10" Dome Bird Feeder also comes in two colors (clear and blue), so it coordinates with your other feeders.

Made in USA