20" Heated Deck Birdbath

It's easier than ever to attract birds this winter with fresh water and a clean birdbath. This 20" Heated Deck Birdbath is designed to be easy to empty, re-fill and keep clean, so you can provide an oasis for birds to visit in even the coldest weather
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When the temperature drops below freezing, birds go in search of harder-to-find water that is clean and drinkable. That's where this 20" Heated Deck Birdbath comes in. It has a special EZ Deck Tilt and Clean feature that - once you try it - you are sure to appreciate. This birdbath comes with everything you need to take advantage of this great feature. Here's how it works:

  • Easy to clean: To move the birdbath on its side for easy cleaning or to drain old water and replace with fresh water, simply unlock it and tilt the basin to the side.
  • Easy to refill: Lift the basin straight up and down. It's easy to remove for more detailed cleaning or to re-fill it. If you like, you can add a few sticks to the basin for birds to perch on.

In addition to being easy to use, it's also built to stand up to the cold. The heating element will keep water from freezing at temperatures down to -20 degrees. You'll be able to offer fresh water to birds year round with this 20" Heated Deck Birdbath. It mounts to deck rails that are 2"x6" or 2"4". This covers most decks but check before you order - just to be sure.

Made in USA