3-in-1 Heated Terra Cotta Birdbath

Give birds the fresh water they need year-round when you mount this heated birdbath to a deck, fence post, or just rest it on the ground. This heated birdbath is sure to attract a lot of different birds as the weather turns cold and they search for a source of fresh water!
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Cardinals, mourning doves and songbirds are just a few of the birds that may visit this 3-in-1 Heated Terra Cotta Birdbath during the cold winter months when ice-free water is hard to find. Make fresh water available year-round and see how many stay once spring arrives.

At under fifteen inches across, this birdbath fits almost anywhere. The AC cord can be unplugged in warm weather, and tucks neatly away under the birdbath. It's shallow enough to allow birds big and small to drink and bathe in the lightweight plastic bowl, but won't freeze over when winter sets in.

That's because when the weather gets below freezing, the heater turns on automatically to make sure ice doesn't cover this water source. Birds need the water more than ever when temperatures get sub-zero, and this heated birdbath delivers.

You can mount this heated birdbath almost anywhere too. Whether you have a wooden deck, an old 4x4 post, or just a little piece of yard where you want to add a birdbath... this 3-in-1 Heated Terra Cotta Birdbath is designed to mount in any of these three locations. It's a great choice for bird watchers that want an up-close view of backyard birds.