3-Way Oriole Feeder

Whether your orioles love grape jelly, nectar or fresh oranges - this oriole feeder has it all! The unique design of this 3-Way Oriole Feeder lets these colorful birds choose whatever food they love most, all in one feeder.
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Let's start with the bright orange colors on this 3-Way Oriole Feeder. Orioles are attracted to the color so once you have their attention, you can offer one or all of their favorite treats:

  • Nectar oriole feeder: Pour up to one quart of oriole nectar into this feeder. There is a built in ant moat to help keep the nectar ant-free.
  • Grape jelly feeder: Add jelly to the feeder to attract orioles that love the fruity flavor of the grape jelly.
  • Orange oriole feeder: Designed to hold up to four orange halves, this 3-Way Oriole Feeder is a great way to attract oriole birds.

From its ant moat to its easy-to-clean design, this oriole bird feeder makes it simple to keep fresh food out in your yard for colorful oriole birds. The bright colors and great selection of different foods will give them reasons to come back time and time again.

One you attract a pair of orioles, you can enjoy hours of watching them come to your feeder. You might even get to the young ones too. What a treat for everyone.

Made in USA

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