8-Apartment Bird House

This birdhouse is perfect for pine siskins and other songbirds that like to nest in loose colonies. Eight families can live in this wooden bird house, and you may notice different kinds of birds nesting right next door to one another.
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You can enjoy watching a variety of birds using this 8-Apartment Bird House. There are several features of this bird house that make it a special addition to your yard:

  • Houses 8 families: Whether you are trying to attract wrens, nuthatches, pine siskins or other songbirds, this home has room for them all! With 8 separate apartments for the birds to nest in, you never know what kind of birds you will attract.
  • Charming design made from painted wood: This durable and attractive bird house is a colorful and attractive way to decorate your yard. The red and white colors are sure to stand out.
  • Well designed: From it's wooden sides and removable perches to the hinged red roof that makes it easy to clean out, this 8-Apartment Bird House is designed to accommodate a lot of birds. It is 14" x 13" x 13" and comes with a hook for easy hanging.

If you've been wondering what you can do to encourage birds to nest near your home, try adding this adorable and functional bird house.