Amethyst Hummingbird Feeder

Beautiful lavender color and an eight-sided glass bottle create a special feeding spot for neighborhood hummingbirds. The red flower on the metal feeding base add an extra burst of red color.
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The Amethyst Hummingbird Feeder has been designed with the attention to detail that even the most dedicated and discerning hummingbird lover is sure to appreciate:

  • A unique shape and color of the amethyst glass bottle make a statement in any yard and it holds up to 20 oz of nectar.
  • The bottle also has a wide mouth that makes it easy to clean and re-fill this Amethyst Hummingbird Feeder.
  • Five red flower feeding ports attract hummingbird with their color and allow several hummingbirds to feed at once.

From the top of the attached metal hanger to the flat bottom of the nectar base, we think you'll agree that this isn't your everyday hummingbird feeder.