Antique Bottle Bird Seed Feeder

If you love the look of glass bottle bird feeders, you will not be disappointed. The antique feel of the bottle combines with shiny pewter accents to create an engaging bird feeder you can enjoy for years to come.
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Don't mistake the clear glass bottle and metal base for a hummingbird feeder. The Antique Bottle Bird Seed Feeder is made for seed-loving birds like cardinals, finches, titmice and chickadees. You might even spot a downy woodpecker eating from this feeder. No hummingbirds allowed here!

You can offer sunflower seeds, a seed mix or insert the included adapters to convert this to a thistle and nyjer seed feeder. The Antique Bottle Bird Seed Feeder holds up to 1.5 lbs of bird food and is easy for you and your birds to enjoy.

The large base, which serves as a perch for the feeder, allows a wide variety of birds to eat at this feeder. The large mouth of the bottle makes it easy for you to clean out and re-fill the feeder, and the glass bottle is dishwasher safe. It's a great bird feeder for a busy yard.