Bamboo Bluebird House

Made from renewable bamboo materials, this bird house has the attention to detail that a discerning bluebird-lover looks for in a bluebird house.
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  • Bamboo: Bamboo is durable, beautiful, renewable and more water-resistant than a lot of other woods
  • Health-conscious: An elevated floor made of mesh materials and extra vents help keep your visiting bluebird more clean and dry
  • Built-in predator guard: Raccoons and other predators have a hard time getting into the bluebird house with the built-in guard
  • Easy clean out: When a bluebird family moves out, it's easy to empty out old nesting material via the clean out door
  • Flexible mounting: Whether you are looking for a bluebird house you can mount to a pole or flush mount, this Bamboo Bluebird House is a great choice