Bee Resistant Oriole Feeder

If you're looking for a simple nectar feeder that is sure to attract neighborhood orioles (and fewer bees), this is the perfect feeder for you and your backyard birds. Orioles love the color orange, so this bright feeder is sure to get noticed!
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This Bee Resistant Oriole Feeder is a low-maintenance oriole feeder that can be a great addition to your yard. The bright orange base is the perfect color for attracting orioles. No more will your orioles have to struggle to get nectar at a hummingbird feeder. Instead give them their own little orange oriole bird feeder!

  • Easy to use. Unlike a lot of other oriole nectar feeders, the Bee Resistant Oriole Feeder's lightweight design and removable top makes this feeder easy to clean and easy to fill!
  • Patented bee guard on this feeder lets oriole birds eat in peace by keeping bees out and away from the nectar.
  • Ant moat helps keep ants from getting into the nectar too.
  • Just the right size. Standing almost 9 inches high, this oriole bird feeder can hold enough nectar to keep your orioles well fed!

Your oriole birds can eat in peace and you'll get hours of enjoyment watching them. What more could you you and your oriole bird buddies look for in a bird feeder?

Plus get this exclusive offer: Save 30% off the Orange Ant Moat when you buy this oriole bird feeder. Just add water to the ant moat and hang your oriole feeder below it to keep ants off of your bird feeder.