Black Squirrel Baffler

Add a squirrel baffle to your bird feeder without even taking your feeder down! This baffle just clips together with metal couplers for easy installation. It's lightweight and very good at keeping squirrels away!
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Spend more time watching birds and less time re-filling empty feeders when you add this squirrel baffle to your bird feeding station. Made from powder coated steel and 14 inches around, the Black Squirrel Baffler makes it almost impossible for squirrels to get to your feeder. Baffles work!

As an added benefit, this Black Squirrel Baffler can also be used to keep nesting birds safe in their bird houses. Just attach this below your bird house to keep squirrels and raccoons from breaking into bird cottages and homes.

Finally, it's easy to attach this baffle. It fits on 1/2 inch to 1 3/8 inch poles, and you can add it to your pole without having to remove your bird feeder or bird house. It comes with the coupler you need to mount the squirrel baffle to a pole. Take a couple of minutes to put up this Black Squirrel Baffler and then see the difference it makes for your birds!