Black Squirrel Guard

This guard helps keep seed-loving songbirds free from harassing squirrels. It's designed to not only protect hanging bird feeders from pesky squirrels; it also keeps bird food out of the rain.
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The 15 inch dome covers most hanging bird feeders with ease, and is adjustable up and down the included rod. This Black Squirrel Guard is an effective way to:
  1. Drive squirrels away
  2. Keep bird seed dry
  3. Make songbirds happy

If that sounds simple and easy, that's because it is! Just add your favorite hanging bird feeder to the hook underneath this Black Squirrel Guard and sit back and relax! Squirrel baffles like this Black Squirrel Guard let you enjoy watching your backyard birds, instead of pesky squirrels, eating the bird seed you offer.

Made in USA