Bluebird House with Camera

Curious about what really happens in a birdhouse? With a built-in camera, this bluebird house gives you a peek into the daily activities of your bluebird family. Watch your visitors from the beginning. As chicks hatch and grow, you'll have a front row view!
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This well-designed Bluebird House with Camera comes with everything you need to watch bluebirds as they make a nest, lay eggs and, once the nestlings emerge, you can observe them as they grow and eventually leave the nest. It's a real treat!

Let's start with the birdhouse. It is 10.00" x 6.50" x 14.75", with a nest lift that takes up 2" of headroom in the birdhouse. Don't worry though, there is plenty of room for a bluebird family! The cedar wood birdhouse is designed for the comfort of backyard bluebirds.

The built in camera comes with a 100' Audio / Video cable that can connect to televisions or other electronics for monitoring. You can watch your bluebird family from the comfort of your home, all the while monitoring it to make sure your birds are healthy and undisturbed.

What a great way to watch bluebirds!

Made in USA

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