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Bluebird-Style Songbird House

Open one side of this cedar birdhouse and you'll be able to see nesting birds through the clear plastic window. You can to monitor birds that you might not otherwise be able to watch nesting. When they move on, the other side door opens for easy cleanout so you can prepare the home for its next family.
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If you love the natural look of a bluebird house but don't have a lot of bluebirds in your yard, this Bluebird-Style Songbird House might be perfect. It has a lot of the great features of a bluebird house but has dimensions more likely to attract a wider range of songbirds:

  • Attractive to lots of different birds: This 14.75" x 6.75" x 9" birdhouse makes a great home for black-capped chickadees, white-breasted nuthatch, tufted titmice and wrens.
  • Designed to look good and be durable: Made entirely of beautiful cedar wood, this Bluebird-Style Songbird House also has stainless steel screws for added durability.
  • Side viewing window: One side door opens with the twist of a pin to give you easy viewing access to a nesting bird family. It's a wonderful way to monitor the health of your houseguests.
  • Built in predator guard: Worried about predators that might try to get into your bird house? The built-in predator guard on the front of this home helps deter predators and keep your nesting birds a little safer.
  • Easy clean out door: When nesting songbirds leave the birdhouse, it's easy to clean out for the next family. The other side door opens so you can remove old nesting materials and get the birdhouse ready for your next visitors.

Get an up-close view of nesting songbirds with this cedar Bluebird-Style Songbird House. It's a great way to attract new nesting songbirds to your yard.

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