Bluebird Seed, Suet and Mealworm Feeder

A stained glass bluebird stands atop this decorative bird feeder that holds seed, suet, mealworms, nuts or fruit. It's a colorful way to attract all kinds of birds.
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If you are looking for a beautiful bird feeder that can feed songbirds of all sizes, this Bluebird Seed, Suet and Mealworm Feeder is a wonderful choice:

  • Hand-crafted: The stained glass bluebird feeder has copper accents that just add to the impact of the piece. Place the feeder in a sunny location so you can admire it and birds can easily find it.
  • Perfectly sized: Standing over 20 inches tall, this bird feeder is sure to make a statement in any yard. Plus it's functional, with an 8-inch feeding bowl with built-in drainage holes.
  • Lots of feeding options: Whether you offer mealworms to attract bluebirds, suet for nuthatch and mockingbirds, jelly for orioles, nuts for blue jays or sunflower seeds for songbirds, the feeder can give birds easy access to their favorite foods.
  • Weather proof: This Bluebird Seed, Suet and Mealworm Feeder is durable enough to stand up to the seasons, but it's also decorative enough to use indoors if you prefer.

Attract all kinds of birds with this durable and flexible stained glass feeder. Flexible enough to offer the foods your favorite birds want, you might even be surprised at what kind of birds will visit this feeder. Just keep it well stocked and sit back to enjoy watching your neighborhood birds.