Bright Green Bird Feeder

If you are looking for something different in a squirrel-resistant bird feeder, you're sure to enjoy this bird feeder. The playful design and tilted roof are just the beginning.
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The lime green color is the first thing you'll notice about this bird feeder, but just wait - there's more to this contemporary bird feeder:

  • Squirrel-resistant outer layer. The metal cage serves two purposes. It keeps squirrels from getting into the feeding ports, and also gives clinger birds and other songbirds a place to perch.
  • Seed saving design. Tucked away inside the seed-protecting cage is a built-in hopper which helps you avoid messy piles of seed under the feeder. As food is eaten from the feeding ports, fresh food replaces it.
  • Two sizes to choose from. The regular sized feeder stands almost 9 tall, giving it a compact look and the ability to hold almost a pound of bird seed. The large feeder is over 13 inches high and can hold over 1.5 pounds of bird food.

Both sizes of the Bright Green Bird Feeder are about 9 inches around, and they are easy to fill and clean. This feeder is the perfect choice for someone looking to add a colorful and stylish bird feeder to their yard!