Caged Seed Tube Feeder

Enjoy watching titmice, wrens, goldfinches and other seed loving birds at your feeder (no squirrels allowed)! This feeder is designed to attract backyard birds while deterring squirrels. The powder-coated metal cage feeder is attractive and durable! What more could you want?
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At 15 1/2 inches tall by 9 1/2 inches across, this new cage feeder is tall and holds up to 2 pounds of bird seed. This Caged Seed Tube Feeder is designed to attract and feed seed-loving birds while keeping squirrels and large birds out!

The attractive yet functional metal grids are easy for your seed-eating birds to maneuver on, and they are sure to eat more comfortably without competition from the squirrels. Your birds can enjoy a good meal at this Caged Seed Tube Feeder, and you'll like spending more time watching birds and less time re-filling this bird feeder.

It comes fully assembled and ready to hang up.