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Cardinal and Songbird Feeder

Designed with large perch and feeding port for cardinals, available in two colors and made for easy cleaning, this bird feeder has a lot going for it.
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Cardinals are often the first birds at a feeder in the morning and one of the last to leave at night. Their bright colors and wonderful songs make them a favorite of backyard birders, but they can be hard to get to stay at hanging tube feeders. Because of their larger size, cardinal birds like to eat at feeders with large perches and feeding ports that provide a comfortable place for them to stand.

This Cardinal and Songbird Feeder is the perfect feeder for cardinals. It's over-sized design gives cardinals a comfy place to eat, and the six feeding ports allow cardinals and other song birds to eat together peacefully. You can put out 3.5 quarts of bird seed at a time, and the "quick-clean" base makes it easy to clean and re-fill the feeder.

The dimensions are 20" high by 7" around, and the Cardinal and Songbird Feeder is available in green or brass colors. Choose your favorite color or get one of each today!

Made in USA