Cedar Bluebird Feeder

This feeder gives Eastern, Western and Mountain Bluebirds comfortable access to meal worms, while keeping larger birds out! Cedar is the ideal wood for an outdoor bird feeder and this Cedar Bluebird Feeder is designed to be easy for you to clean and re-fill for years of enjoyment.
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The top of this Cedar Bluebird Feeder pivots so you can add mealworms or clean the feeder, while the 1 9/16 inch entrance hole in both ends provides access that's just the right size for Eastern, Western and Mountain Bluebirds. The mealworm feeder is 8" x 9" x 12" and hangs from a coated cable made of steel. Just add mealworms and you are ready to start feeding bluebirds.

Don't worry if it takes your bluebirds a few times to get used to going in and out of the feeder. Some bluebird fans have told us they start by putting a few mealworms on perches so bluebirds know the mealworms are there. Once bluebirds notice the mealworms, then gradually add more inside the feeder. Once bluebirds discover the feeder, they will come back for your mealworms and you can enjoy these colorful and friendly visitors to your bluebird feeder!

Made in USA