Cedar & Copper Roof Wren House

When you hang up this birdhouse, you are inviting tiny wrens to make themselves at home. It has a 1-inch entry hole to keep larger birds out, making it the perfect place for your neighborhood songbirds to start a nest.
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When a family of wrens move in, you'll also be able to experience these energetic, friendly and oh-so vocal birds up close. It's hard to believe these tiny birds have such big and beautiful voices. When they make their nest in this beautiful birdhouse, you'll be able to see and hear them for your self.

You are bound to be impressed with the copper and cedar wood design of this home, as well as the laser-etched bird on the front of the Cedar & Copper Roof Wren House. Placed on a solid wood foundation, the copper roof adds a bit of energy to the home (and to your yard).

This wren birdhouse is not only well made and beautiful to look at - it's also perfectly sized (8" x 9" by 7 3/4" tall) to welcome a family of wrens. The 1-inch entry hole is just the right size to keep larger birds out, and the birdhouse opens up for easy cleaning.