Mealworm & Seed Chalet

Bluebirds love mealworms and this feeder is just the right size for bluebirds, small orioles and other songbirds. From Spring to Fall, this flexible bird feeder will let you attract neighborhood birds. What are you waiting for?
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This small, multi-purpose bird feeder is 6" square and can hold mealworms, bird seed or even suet balls. When bluebirds are nesting nearby, offer mealworms to attract them to your yard. Once they leave for the season (as they do in many parts of the country), simply replace the mealworms with bird seed for smaller song birds.

Made of cedar wood, this Mealworm & Seed Chalet has a green roof and plastic pan that is removable for easy cleaning. Not sure where you will put this little gem? It comes with a metal stake that lets you move it around your yard to find the perfect location for the birds you want to attract!

Made in USA