Slot Bluebird House

You may notice something different about this bluebird house. The slot entrance is designed to keep house sparrows, and other bird that are not bluebirds, out of this durable red cedar birdhouse.
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This Slot Bluebird House is just the right size for bluebirds. The slot is at the top of the 10-inch high home to encourage bluebirds (and not house sparrows) to move right in. The base is just 5 inches by 7 inches across, so it doesn't take much to make room for this beautiful bluebird house.

Created from red cedar, the Slot Bluebird House is designed to last. It has drainage holes and ventilation to help keep your bluebird family healthy. It also opens up to allow you to monitor the bluebirds or clean out the bluebird house once they move on.

Made in USA