Cedar Upside Down Feeder

Larger than most suet feeders and designed to keep starlings and jays from eating all of your bird food, this suet feeder will give you hours of enjoyment.
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Crafted from cedar wood and 8" square, this Cedar Upside Down Feeder is built to last.

The upside down design makes it very difficult for starlings and jays to eat at this feeder, while offering lots of room for woodpeckers and other desirable birds. Clinger birds can easily eat at this Cedar Upside Down Feeder, while other birds try (and fail in the most funny ways) to eat upside down.

Easy access via the hinged top cover allows you to clean and re-fill the suet feeder as often as needed, so you will spend more time enjoying your visiting birds like woodpeckers, nuthatches and chickadees.

Plus, this Cedar Upside Down Feeder comes with a 3-year manufacturer's warranty from Nature's Way. This feeder is durable, attractive, easy to use and fun to watch. Order yours today.