Classic Oriole Feeder

With or without the available bee guard, this oriole feeder is a wonderful way to attract orioles. The classic design, orange decorations and shatter-proof nectar holder make this a great feeder.
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Three is the lucky number with this oriole feeder: 3 feeding ports, 3 perches and a 36-ounce reservoir to hold lots of nectar for colorful oriole birds.

Orioles will often return to the same feeder so if you keep this Classic Oriole Feeder well stocked with nectar, you can keep them engaged and coming back for more. It's simple to re-fill the feeder because the nectar holder unscrews easily and has a wide mouth for easy re-filling and cleaning.

Plus this Classic Oriole Feeder is available with an optional bee guard. It helps keep bees from getting to the nectar and bothering the orioles that are trying to eat at your feeder.

Made in USA

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