Covered Bluebird Jail Feeder

Durable cedar wood protects bluebirds and their nutritious mealworms from the elements, as well as larger birds. It's a beautiful bird feeder that is designed for bluebirds and built to last!
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Let bluebirds in to eat while keeping starlings and other birds out with the Covered Bluebird Jail Feeder.

  • Just the right size: At 15 inches wide, 10 inches high and 9 inches deep, it is the perfect size for bluebirds, and has a 1 9/16 inch entrance hole to let bluebirds in and keep larger birds out.
  • Flexible mounting options: Whether you want a bluebird feeder that mounts on a pole or hangs from a tree branch, you have found the right bird feeder. This Covered Bluebird Jail Feeder can go on a pole or hang from the included steel cable.
  • Easy to keep filled: The hinged roof allows quick access to the inside of this bird feeder, making it easy to keep the bird feeder stocked with mealworms.

Bluebirds are intelligent birds so once they find this well-protected stash of mealworms, you can enjoy hours of bluebird watching as they come back for more.

Made in USA