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Covered Mealworm Feeder

Give bluebirds a comfy place to eat mealworms that is safe from the elements and larger birds. Bluebirds are smart enough to come inside this bird feeder to get the mealworms they love, while other birds just watch from the sidelines.
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Bluebirds are gentle and are often chased off of a mealworm feeder by more aggressive birds. That's why this Covered Mealworm Feeder is special. It lets bluebirds come in to eat comfortably while keeping larger birds (and others that won't go into an enclosed bird feeder) away from the mealworms you put out for bluebirds.

When you want to re-fill the feeder, the top can be lifted to add a few more mealworms. Just put out enough for your bluebirds as most other birds won't get into this Covered Mealworm Feeder.

If you want a durable bluebird feeder that looks good and won't fade in the sun or chip, this bluebird feeder is a great choice. It's made from recycled plastic and is easy to keep clean. Just remove the windows and clean the feeder out, and you'll get years of use out of this mealworm feeder. It comes in two options: natural with a green roof and base, or an entirely green feeder. Choose the one that looks best in your yard.

Made in USA