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Daisy Bowl Feeder

Looking for a colorful bird feeder that attracts all kinds of birds? This is the perfect feeder for you! It hangs on a metal chain and allows you to offer a wide variety of foods. As the seasons change, you can put out different foods for different birds that are in your area.
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The perfect complement to our Daisy Bowl Birdbath, this Daisy Bowl Feeder comes in the same brilliant colors (clear, red, orange, fuchsia, lime green and aqua). These colors are just the first reason to love this bird feeder.

At just 8" across, this bird feeder holds bird seed, suet balls, mealworms or jelly. Not sure which food to start with? Here are some ideas of the birds you can attract with this feeder:

  • Orioles love jelly or oranges, and both fit comfortably in this attractive bird feeder
  • Bluebirds find mealworms irresistible ,and it's easy to put a handful of mealworms out for bluebirds with this feeder
  • Songbirds like chickadees, wrens and titmice all love to eat the different kinds of bird seed you can offer to them

  • The bright colors are painted and then baked onto the glass, so wash the bowl periodically in warm soapy water to keep it clean. You'll help keep them from fading if you take care of them, and you can enjoy them season after season.