Divided 4-Seed Feeder

The dome keeps squirrels off of the feeder so birds can feed on up to four different types of seed at this cleverly-designed bird feeder.
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Can't decide between black oil sunflower seeds and safflower seeds, or think you have to go with a mix to attract a variety of birds? Not anymore! If you want to offer different seeds to attract different birds, you will appreciate the flexibility you have with this Divided 4-Seed Feeder.

In addition to being able to hold up to 5.5 quarts of bird seed, this feeder has four separate feeding areas for birds to eat at, with perches at each arched feeding port to give birds easy access to their favorite foods. The details have all been taken care of on this feeder.

Most backyard birders struggle to keep squirrels off of their bird seed feeders. Baffles are effective at keeping squirrels from getting at the bird food you put out, and this Divided 4-Seed Feeder has a 17-inch dome covering it to keep squirrels from getting to the bird food.

Enjoy hours of bird watching (and have a few laughs as squirrels slide off the squirrel-proof dome) when you choose this well-made and flexible bird feeder.

Made in USA