Eastern Bluebird House

Handcrafted from the wood of mango trees, this nesting box is designed especially for Eastern Bluebirds. It is beautifully built and finished so you can feel really good about having this bird house in your yard.
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The carefully crafted Eastern Bluebird House is made of mango wood and hand-crafted to the perfect 8" x 8" x 12" size that Eastern Bluebirds are looking for. The 1 1/2" entrance hole keeps larger birds out while welcoming Eastern Bluebirds. It also has drainage holes and a removable roof to help make birds more comfortable and keep the nesting box clean.

Created by Byer of Maine, this bluebird nesting box (as bluebird houses are also called) is a solid wood bird house. They started by sculpting mango wood and then finished it with several coats of high-quality polyurethane to provide a beautiful and long-lasting appearance. If you are looking for a well made, stunning wooden bluebird house you will be very happy with this Eastern Bluebird House.