Easy Fill Hummingbird Feeder

Made for your convenience and hummingbird comfort, this feeder can be re-filled without removing the lid. That means you can quickly add hummingbird nectar and get back to enjoying your hummingbirds in no time.
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Hummingbirds zip to and fro around this feeder,and you'll be smiling as you watch because you know it's never been easier to keep a busy hummingbird feeder well-stocked and clean. This Easy Fill Hummingbird Feeder, also called a Hummingbird Haven, is fun to watch and easy to use

  • Bright colors: Attract lots of hummingbirds to the feeder with the bring red color and shiny brass hanger
  • Easy to add nectar: Pop the top off of the hummingbird feeder to quickly re-stock the hummingbird food
  • High perches: Get a great view of feeding hummingbirds with the raised perches that wrap the feeder
  • Lots of places to eat: The high perches provide a comfy place for hummingbirds as they eat at one of the five feeding stations
  • Built-in ant moat: Add water to the large ant moat to keep ants away from the tasty hummingbird nectar

This Easy Fill Hummingbird Feeder holds up to 16 ounces of hummingbird food and is great fun to watch. All this and it's still simple to clean. Every few days make sure to take your feeder down, clean it thoroughly, and add fresh nectar.

Made in USA