Elegant Antiqued Hummingbird Feeder

The gorgeous red antique glass design adds unique details to this elegant hummingbird feeder, and the color is sure to get the attention of neighborhood hummingbirds.
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A great combination of antique and hummingbird-friendly designs, this feeder look good in any yard. The details are part of what makes this hummingbird feeder special. Three things you don't want to miss on this Elegant Antiqued Hummingbird Feeder:

  • Beautiful red glass nectar holder. You know that hummingbirds love the color red, so this feeder uses colorful red glass to attract the attention of nearby hummingbirds.

  • Metal accents complements the glass. The brushed metal base and metal hanger make this hummingbird feeder easy to look at and easy to use.

  • It's designed for a busy yard. Between the color and the hardware, this hummingbird encourages several hummingbirds to feed at one time from the four feeding ports.

The Elegant Antiqued Hummingbird Feeder is also the perfect size. It holds up to 16 ounces of hummingbird nectar, so you can refill the feeder every few days, or more frequently in warm weather as needed.