Environmentally Friendly Bluebird Home

If you love nature and want a bluebird house that is environmentally savvy, this is a great bluebird nesting box. It's made of up to 90% post-consumer recycled plastic and it looks great!
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This bluebird nesting box is attractive and built to last! Created primarily from recycled plastic and held together with with color-coordinated screws, this bluebird house is a great choice for bird watchers who are environmentally conscious.

A powder-coated perforated metal screen makes up the bottom of this Environmentally Friendly Bluebird Home, allowing for easy drainage. Then there is the actual birdhouse. It's the perfect size for bluebirds at 7.00" x 8.25" x 12.50" and has a 1 9/16" hole to accommodate larger bluebirds. It's a great place for bluebirds to nest.