Glazed Blue Hanging Birdbath

Beautiful to look at and made of durable porcelain, backyard gardens are the perfect spot for this pretty, blue-glazed bird bath. It can hang just about anywhere, and still has enough room for thirsty birds to drink and bathe.
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Did you know that you'll attract more birds if you put a birdbath near your feeders? Year round, birds are on the lookout for a fresh source of water. This birdbath is just what they need!

  • A pop of color: The deep blue glaze on the off-white porcelain birdbath makes it stand out in any garden. Beautiful to look at, you'll get hours of enjoyment watching birds splashing in the water on this hanging birdbath.

  • The perfect size: At 12 inches around, this Glazed Blue Hanging Birdbath has room for hummingbirds, bluebirds, or other backyard birds to drink and bathe comfortably. You never know what you'll see in this birdbath.

The Glazed Blue Hanging Birdbath can easily hang from a tree or hook with the included chain. With a few pebbles or sticks and a little water, you'll have everything you need for birds to enjoy your new birdbath. Just hang it up and wait for the birds to explore it!