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Hand-Painted Cottage Birdhouse

This hand-painted butterfly cottage is right at home in a bird-filled flower garden or on a wall in your family room.
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The charming look and feel of this birdhouse might make you wonder if birds will really use it but never fear; this Hand-Painted Cottage Birdhouse is made of wood and has all of the features you should look for in a well-made birdhouse:

  • Made from wood: The preferred materials for birds and birders alike, wood is perfect for birdhouses.
  • Well designed: With a 1.25" opening that is perfect for wrens, black-capped chickadees and nuthatch, the Hand-Painted Cottage Birdhouse is a welcoming home.
  • Beautifully decorated: The exterior of the house is covered with water-based paint while the interior is left unpainted for the comfort of nesting birds.
  • Safe too: Help keep your birds healthy by choosing a birdhouse with drainage holes, good ventilation and easy access to the clean out. This birdhouse has an easy-open wall to help make housekeeping simpler.

The Hand-Painted Cottage Birdhouse is 7" square and 9.5" tall. It comes with a heavy cord for hanging. It even has a white picket fence. What more could a birder ask for?