Green Squirrel Guard

Keep pesky squirrels off of hanging bird feeders with this guard. Birds large and small can eat at feeders when you protect them with this durable and attractive dome.
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If you are tired of squirrels eating your bird food and chasing off your birds, this Green Squirrel Guard can really help. It's sturdy, easy to use and impeccably crafted to be a beautiful and effective addition to your bird feeding area.

The Green Squirrel Guard has a locking hook to keep your bird feeder secure, and the large 15 inch dome keeps squirrels away. Baffles make a huge difference in the battle to keep squirrels off of your bird feeders. Just hang this baffle up, add your favorite bird feeder (or pick out a new bird feeder), fill it up the bird seed and you are ready to go!

Made in USA

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