Heavy Duty Cage Seed Feeder

Enjoy watching songbirds as they eat, uninterrupted by squirrels or large nuisance birds, at this heavy duty seed feeder. It's built to stand up to the elements, and is powder-coated an attractive green for added durability and looks.
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If you want to be able to feed a lot of different songbirds at once, without giving squirrels a reason to hang around, the Heavy Duty Cage Seed Feeder is the perfect choice. This bird seed feeder has 6 feeding ports, stands 18 inches tall and is 11 inches around.

Designed to keep squirrels and other large nuisance birds from getting in to eat the bird seed you put out, you'll be impressed by the 11 inch cage, along with the metal top and bottom which serves as a seed saver tray. Whether you want to offer a seed mix, or black oil sunflower seed (a perennial bird favorite), this feeder can hold up to 2 quarts of food.

When it's time to clean out your bird feeder and replace the food, the Heavy Duty Cage Seed Feeder makes it easy to do. Just snap out the EZ CLEAN base. Remember, a clean feeder helps keep your birds healthy.

If you want a squirrel-proof bird feeder that is large enough to feed a busy bunch of backyard birds, this is the perfect choice!

Made in USA