Hummingbird Feeder With Window Hanger

No drip and bee-resistant designs make this one special window hummingbird feeder. You can enjoy watching hummingbirds from the comfort of your living room.
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Standing 10 1/2 inches tall with a large red base that is 9 1/2 inches across and has several feeding ports, this Hummingbird Feeder With Window Hanger has everything you need to attract hummingbirds. And the bee-resistant design allows the hummers you attract to eat in peace without being bothered by hungry bees.

This lightweight feeder is made of plastic parts that can be washed on the top row of a dishwasher or hand-washed. The 2-piece base comes apart easily, making it easy to clean each time you re-fill the feeder.

The hanger makes it easy to put up and take down your hummingbird feeder. Three strong suction cups attach easily to glass to create an up-close hummingbird watching experience.

Made in USA