Hummingbird Feeder with Rose Gold Accents

Gorgeous red glass, the attached hanger and a unique rose-gold colored metal base make this hummingbird feeder stand out.
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Watching hummingbirds at a well-designed feeder is one of life's joys. It can be hard to choose a new feeder, but when you think about what you are looking for in a hummingbird feeder, this one checks all of the boxes:

  • Gorgeous colors: Featuring a red glass nectar holder to reflect sunlight and attract hummingbirds, this Hummingbird Feeder also has rose-gold colored accents on the base that make it the perfect choice for a busy yard
  • Several built-in perches: Five feeding ports and attached perches let several hummingbirds feed at once. Make sure to keep the feeder full to give hummingbirds a reason to keep coming back
  • Included bee guards: Wasp and bee-proof feeding ports keep bees from getting into the food at this hummingbird feeder. Sometimes it's the little things that make a big difference
  • Easy to clean: Cleaning your feeder is an important part of hummingbird feeder maintenance. The wide mouth and flat bottom make cleaning and re-filling this feeder easy

Plus the 22-ounce capacity of this Hummingbird Feeder with Rose Gold Accents means more meals for your hummingbirds between refills. It's still important to clean and re-stock your hummingbird food every few days, but it's nice to be able to do it before the feeder is empty and the hummingbirds move on looking for a new source of food!

Whether this is your first hummingbird feeder or you are replacing a well-used favorite, the Hummingbird Feeder with Rose Gold Accents delivers fresh food in a fun way. The rose gold metal base adds the look of a much more expensive hummingbird feeder, so it also makes a great gift too.