Hummingbird Window Decal

Nothing is worse than seeing a beautiful song bird or hummingbird hit the glass of your window. Knowing that birds may be injured in your yard can be devastating to bird lovers. That's why WindowAlert decals are a great and easy-to-use solution. These window decals will help birds see your windows and thus avoid hitting the glass.
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For bird watchers, having a bird feeder near our windows is a real treat! We can enjoy watching the birds from the comfort of our homes. Help keep your birds safe with these decals. Each package comes with four low-tack decals, and you can place them together or every few feet on the outside of your windows.

It's easy to apply these decals to windows at your home or office:

  • Make sure your windows are free of tints or coatings that might interfere with the decals.
  • Clean the glass with water before you attach the decals.
  • In cold weather, use warm water so the low-tack decal will adhere well.
  • Apply gently so as not to crease.
  • If you want to restore the decals, you can rinse them with warm water and re-apply. It's that easy!

We recommend replacing your decals every spring (or once a year) so the UV coating doesn't fade. You can relax and enjoy watching your birds, knowing that you've done your part to keep them from striking your windows.

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