Large Black Squirrel Baffler

If you are looking for a squirrel baffle that is tough enough to keep squirrels away, this one is for you. Made of steel and designed to fit around poles for your bird feeders, this Large Black Squirrel Baffler is great at protecting your bird feeders and seeds. It's also a simple way to keep predators from getting to your pole-mounted bird houses.
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This larger version of our popular squirrel baffle has all of the great features of the original - only it's bigger!

At 18 inches across and made of powder-coated steel, this Large Black Squirrel Baffler is durable and built to last. It's designed to keep squirrels off of your bird feeders. That lets you spend more time watching birds at your bird feeders, instead of re-filling the feeders because the squirrels ate all of your bird seed.

You'll be able to mount this baffle to poles that are 1/2 inch to 1 3/8 inch, and you won't even have to move your bird feeders. The Large Black Squirrel Baffler uses a coupler to hook the squirrel baffle together so it fits snugly on the pole. It's easy to attach and very effective!