Large Covered Platform Feeder

This covered bird feeder is great at attracting cardinals, goldfinches and other song birds. Plus it's easy to adjust the height of the cover to accommodate the birds you want to attract.
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The 13 inch platform feeder is protected from the elements by a 15 inch adjustable cover. The Large Covered Platform Feeder uses a simple fastener to move the cover up or down on the feeder.

  • Attract your favorite birds: If you want to attract ground-feeding cardinals or mourning doves, you can give them the extra head room they need to be comfortable. Want to feed just the littlest songbirds in your yard? It's not a problem. Just adjust the cover, making it difficult for larger birds to feed.

  • Protect their bird food: The cover also protects your bird seed from the weather. Rain and snow can often cause bird seed to get moldy. The cover on this well-designed bird feeder helps provide an umbrella that keeps birds (and their bird seed) dry.

Designed to look good, be easy to use, and help you attract the birds you want to your yard, this Large Covered Platform Feeder is a great choice for backyard bird watchers.

Made in USA