Large Hummingbird Feeder

Eight feeding ports and a 32-ounce nectar bowl create a haven for hungry hummingbirds.
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If you have a hummingbird-filled yard, this is the perfect feeder for you. Hummingbirds are attracted to the color red so they are sure to notice this new feeder. With its huge red nectar reservoir, the Large Hummingbird Feeder is able to feed lots of hummingbirds before it needs to be refilled.

When you do stop to refill the feeder with up to 32-ounces of fresh nectar, take time to clean it well. It's an easy task to clean the Large Hummingbird Feeder because of its snap-fit cover. It comes apart easily so you can keep the hummingbird feeder sparkling clean.

No need to worry about bees bothering hummingbirds at this feeder. This Large Hummingbird Feeder comes with nectar guard tips that deter most if not all of the insects that would interfere with your hummingbirds. They can eat in peace while you relax and enjoy having them flitting around.

Made in USA