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Lightweight Feeder with Removable Perch

This lightweight hummingbird feeder is full of unexpected features including an ant moat, removable perch ring and large 32 oz. plastic bottle to keep your hungry hummingbirds coming back.
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If you are looking for an inexpensive hummingbird feeder that gives you a lot for your money, this Lightweight Feeder with Removable Perch is worth checking out. Some of the features packed into this hummingbird feeder include:

  • Built in ant moat that, when filled with water, can help keep ants away from the feeding ports
  • Removable perch ring you can add or remove based on the hummingbirds you attract
  • Large nectar holder with wide opening for easy cleaning. Plus the bottle holds 32 oz. of nectar
  • Included S-hook makes setting up this feeder quick and easy

Simple, easy to clean and sure to attract hummingbirds with it's red and white design, this little Lightweight Feeder with Removable Perch is a wonderful way to attract hummingbirds. Add one or several to your yard to keep them coming back!

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