Lightweight Orange Oriole Feeder

Nectar-loving oriole birds are sure to appreciate the bee guards, orange color and 34-ounce nectar capacity of this feeder. With three perches to rest on, orioles can eat and relax at this lightweight bird feeder.
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If you are looking for a budget-friendly oriole feeder with the features of a much more expensive feeder, you're sure to be impressed with the Lightweight Orange Oriole Feeder.

  • Built-in bee guards: Helps keep wasps and bees from getting to the oriole nectar
  • 34-ounce nectar storage: Large size lets you go longer between re-fills if the feeder is busy with hungry orioles
  • Bright orange colors: Plastic reservoir and perches are all orange - perfect for attracting orioles
  • Three attached perches: Allows several orioles to feed at one time
  • Snap-apart design: Makes it easy to clean the feeder each time you re-fill the nectar

Whether you are feeding Bullock's Orioles or Baltimore Oriole birds, the Lightweight Orange Oriole Feeder is a great choice. The bee-guard, bright colors and great size makes it a wonderful feeding station for orioles.