Flexible Window Bird Feeder

This flexible bird feeder lets you put out bird seed, meal worms, suet or jelly. Offer the food your favorite birds like (or whatever you have left at the end of the season). From bluebirds and orioles to gold finches and grosbeaks, you can attract a wide variety of birds with this feeder.
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Get up close and personal with birds when you observe them eating at this window bird feeder. It's so much fun to see birds eating right outside your window, and you can spend hours watching these fascinating creatures from the comfort of your home.

The Flexible Window Bird Feeder is made of poly carbonate (a very strong material) and has added UV protection to help keep the feeder from yellowing over time.

With this bird feeder you can offer a variety of different foods:

  • Bird seed attracts a wide variety of birds. From gold finches and wrens to grosbeaks, you will see a lot of different birds up close at this window feeder when you put out bird seed.
  • Mealworms or jelly are favorites of colorful oriole birds, and meal worms are about the only food you can offer to attract bluebirds. Keep fresh food out for these birds and see how many times they come to visit.
  • Suet and suet balls are great at attracting seed-loving birds, plus they offer a high-protein snack that birds keep coming back for. In cold weather, suet is especially important and many birders offer it in winter months to help non-migrating birds.

Whatever kind of food you offer, you want to keep it dry. The feeder is covered with an angled roof that helps keep water from getting into the food. Clean it out whenever you re-fill the bird food to make sure you are offering fresh food every time.

Made in USA