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Mini Post-Mounted Bird Feeder

This feeder adds a huge burst of color to your yard and holds suet, seed, meal worms or fruit to attract a lot of different kinds of birds.
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This Mini Post-Mounted Bird Feeder is a great way to add color to your yard and attract lots of birds. Simply mount the feeder by screwing it on to a fence or post, and then fill it with your favorite type of bird food.

Whether you want to offer jelly or mealworms for orioles and blue birds, suet balls for nuthatches, or seeds that attract a lot of different birds - ththis bird feeder gives you the flexibility to make it happen.

The metal roof on the Mini Post-Mounted Bird Feeder is durable and offers a covered spot for birds to eat. It also helps keep the bird food dry. The colorful glass bowl does not have drainage holes, so make sure you check the food from time to time (especially in rainy weather) in order to make sure the food you put out stays fresh.

At just 6 inches square and 7 inches tall, you might have room for several. And why not? It comes in four bright colors: lime green, aqua blue, red and orange.