No Drip Glass Hummer Feeder

Four no-drip feeding stations make this embossed glass hummingbird feeder more than just a beautiful feeder - it's very practical too! Your hummingbirds can enjoy their nectar while you watch them flit to and from this well-designed feeder.
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The glass nectar reservoir is embossed with beautiful flying hummingbirds and leaves, and this feeder has a fluted copper base and top that are attractive and durable. From the colorful no-drip feeding stations and four perches, to the sturdy ring that attaches to the top of the No Drip Glass Hummer Feeder, the attention to detail on this feeder is striking.

And just to show (again) how practical this hummingbird feeder is - it comes fully assembled and the glass is dishwasher safe! The No Drip Glass Hummer Feeder stands over 12" tall and just under 5" across and holds up to 14 ounces of hummingbird nectar. Plenty of hummingbirds can eat at this hummingbird feeder as you watch nearby!