Onyx Clever Clean Finch Feeder

Looks can be deceiving. This simple black 18" finch feeder looks like any other bird feeder but its special design attracts more finches!
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Finches love this diamond-shaped mesh tube feeder that's designed just for them, and the solid black stainless steel tube is the perfect size for gold finches. The heavy-duty steel mesh is also rust-proof, making this bird feeder as durable as it attractive.

twist and release base This 22-inch high Onyx Clever Clean Finch Feeder holds up to 2lbs. of nyjer or thistle seed. Thistle seed is a favorite of gold finches, and you are sure to find neighborhood finches at this feeder. The "twist & release" base makes this bird seed feeder easy to clean when the birds have finished off their food.

If you love to watch finches at your feeders, you'll want to check out this Onyx Clever Clean Finch Feeder. It's easy to fill, easy to hang up with the attached metal loop, and imagine just how good it will look hanging in your yard with a gold finch eating from it!

Made in USA