Orange Glass Oriole Bird Feeder

Finding an oriole feeder with real orange glass is a treat, since orioles are attracted to the color and you never have to consider adding food coloring to the nectar you are offering them. This feeder is beautiful to look at and easy to use.
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Looking for a good reason to get this Orange Glass Oriole Bird Feeder? Here are three great reasons:

  • Oriole-friendly features: Several feeding ports and a round perch running underneath this 11-inch tall feeder makes it easy for orioles to drink
  • Simple to setup and use: The wide-mouth nectar holder makes re-filling easy and the included hanger lets you get started right away
  • Absolutely stunning color: The orange glass almost sparkles in the sun and is sure to attract nearby orioles.

Like many nectar feeders, this Simple Orange Feeder uses vacuum pressure to keep the nectar from all pouring out. For best results, fill this feeder completely each time you add nectar so the feeder is well sealed. Orioles can drink more of the nectar that way. Enjoy!

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