Oriole Window Feeder

Enjoy the of sight of feeding orioles from the comfort of your couch with this clever little oriole window feeder. Whether you want to offer grape jelly, mealworms or an orange half, this feeder makes it easy!
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It's wonderful to watch oriole birds feeding up close. The Oriole Window Feeder lets you get a front-row view of these colorful and sometimes picky eaters. Oranges, grape jelly or mealworms are all great choices for attracting oriole birds. Try different kinds of food to see what your neighborhood orioles prefer.

At only 6" across, 5" deep and 4" tall, this Oriole Window Feeder mounts to glass via two sturdy suction cups that are included with the bird feeder. Just add food to the easily removed feeding dish and you are ready to go.

Made in USA