Pole Mounted Squirrel Guard

Perfect for protecting pole-mounted bird feeders, this squirrel guard is designed to fit on a 1" OD pole. Raise or lower the squirrel guard as needed to protect your backyard birds and their precious food.
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The included locking mechanism allows you to move the Pole Mounted Squirrel Guard to the best height for you and your feathered friends. The 15 inch x 15 inch x 8.5 inch in squirrel baffle locks on to a 1" pole with a 1" Collet fastener, and is easy to install. Made of durable poly-carbonate, this squirrel baffle is designed to be durable and is built to last.

For best results, keep your bird feeder 4 feet off the ground so squirrels can't jump up onto it. Squirrel baffles are a great way to keep squirrels out and this one should help you have hours of bird watching enjoyment (instead of wasted time refilling bird feeders). If you don't already have a favorite bird feeder, check out our great selection of tray and hopper bird feeders.

Made in USA

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